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Our Purpose

We believe that if given a choice, you prefer to support local business over the bigger national brands and you love supporting businesses that impact the local community.

We also believe in returning to the local community, supporting local artisans, and cutting back on the amount of travel goods have to make to get to your home. As residents in downtown Statesville, we wanted to be a part of this community in a bigger way, a way that supports you, whether you need a quick gift or a bag of coffee for the morning and don’t feel like going across town. We’re here to provide you with those small things you need.

– Travis & Kathleen Scott

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Travis Scott

After over a decade in the golf industry as a Superintendent and running another business, I decided it was time for a change. I’ve lived in Statesville since 2013 but work often kept me away most of the time. I wanted to be more involved in the local community and part of the fabric of the town, that’s where Vault Provisions came into the picture.

The main idea behind Vault Provisions was to provide a space for people to purchase food and gift items in town. Our products are mostly local in nature and sourced from companies that also give back, allowing us to have a positive impact on other North Carolina communities.

I am at the shop most days, so if you are out and about in town, stop by, there’s always time for a friendly conversation.


Kathleen Scott

explore our history

A North Carolina Story

Both Travis and Kathleen are Western North Carolina natives who made Statesville home in 2014 and fell in love with this vibrant small town. The unique blend of comfort and energy is grounded in a rich history and deep sense of community. It reminded them of where they grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, so it felt like home.

Travis had a deepening sense that he wanted to not only be a more integral part of the community, but also give back in some way. Kathleen is an artist and as Travis watched her struggle to share her work in a more elevated way, he also found other artisans struggling to do the same. He wanted to help them and be an easy resource for every day items for the community living, working and going to school in downtown.

Travis quickly found a space that needed attention (okay, let's face it - it was a lot - you saw us working for months), and they got to work to build a store that encompassed their values and their purpose.

What drew Travis to the space was the Vault that you'll find towards the back of the store. It became the namesake of the store. And as they worked on getting it upfitted, they found history all throughout it. From cedar planks over a hundred years old in another vault to an insurance letter dated in 1917, to the beautiful tiled floors under decades of glue. All of these things were incorporated into the store. And now you can see the history inside. You can shop the locally sourced goods, support local artisans, and savor being a part of this community. This is what we value. This is why we opened The Vault.

The Foundation

Building History

The namesake of the store comes from the old Mosler Safe Company Vault towards the back of the store. But the history only began to unfold from there.

The building was originally built first as a bank in 1914. It remained a bank through at least the 1970s. (Travis’ uncle worked in this bank in the 1970s). Afterward it was converted to a jewelry store. We discovered more history as we worked to renovate the shop. Aside from the obvious large vault, we also have a beautiful marble outside wall with a striking night deposit drop box. But that is only the beginning.

The building spoke to us as we went through renovations. We began with the immense presence of the vault and worked to make it visible as soon as you walk in. It’s open to anyone who wants to take a walk inside. 

But as we worked we began to find more. The floor had old glue and flooring and we assumed concrete was underneath and as we began to remove the glue, we found beautiful penny tile that matched the tile outside the door. It was one of our favorite finds. 

Also inside a closet we found signatures from what we assume are old employees. The older signatures date back to the 1950s. 

Finally, we were able to reach another smaller vault high above the floor in the back and luckily we found it unlocked. Inside this smaller vault, we found old cedar planks and an insurance letter from 1917. The cedar planks are now a part of our checkout counter and the long table in the window.

Local Goods for local people

What We Offer

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Home Goods & Gifts

Need to quickly pick up a hostess gift or you ran out of syrup for your pancakes and don't want to drive across town? We're here for you. Our products make great gifts for all occasions or just provisions you need at home. Goods at the Vault are unique because of our focus on mission-driven sourcing. And don’t forget a card by a local artist to go with the gift!


Whether you’re looking for a morning (or afternoon) pick me up or a something to quench your thirst, we have many North Carolina favorites stocked up. Enjoy your coffee or tea while you shop or on the go. And, stock up on your favorites for home.

In addition to our large selection of non-alcoholic beverages, we also offer a highly-curated selection of beer and wine. While not everything is based in NC, we wanted to offer unique items or local favorites so we can truly serve what you want. Browsing for that perfect bottle inside our refurbished bank vault is an experience itself.


Perishables and Non-perishables

From honey to spices, dips for parties, dinner for tonight, a sweet treat or a savory snack, sips to wind down or gear up for the day. We have a large selection of quick to pick up, grab and go items. Whether you need a specialty food or that everyday pancake mix, it's here. Pick up what you need to get on with your day, whether you're off to work or enjoying one of Downtown Statesville’s events.

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