March Feature

Creatively Lexi

Statesville, NC

Lexi Benson of Creatively Lexi

Statesville, NC

"I truly hope that when you look at my artwork you can also picture yourself on the beach with the sand between your toes." - Lexi

Meet Lexi Benson, a beautiful resin artist living in Statesville who draws inspiration from the ocean.

Her gorgeous charcuterie boards, lazy susans, and coasters mimic the feel of the ocean but that’s not quite where it began. Her journey began 5 years ago while she was paint pouring art. She learned a lot of different techniques by watching tutorials and began creating paint poured coasters. She found she had to use resin to protect her art and fell in love with using resin.

She loves how it can be dyed any color and, if done right, it lasts a long time without yellowing. Her favorite pieces to create are the Ocean themed creations.

Lexi says, “The blues and greens with the white waves are so gorgeous and life like! My husband is originally from New Zealand so a lot of my inspiration comes from their crystal blue waters as well as our favorite vacation spots in Oregon and Maine with their deep Blue seas.”

Lexi and her husband just moved to Statesville last year from Ohio and are looking forward to many trips to the ocean for more inspiration.

You’ve got to come in and see her beautiful creations. Her coasters have been the biggest hit and are the perfect little gift!

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