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Old School Brand

Albemarle, NC

Old School Brand

Albemarle, NC

One of our featured products for May is a NC based and family owned & operated company offering southern flavors in easy premixed packages.

I have to admit, we do the occasional breakfast for dinner because the kids love it. I also happen to do a grits mash up that I’ll eat for breakfast or lunch because it’s delicious and savory but most importantly easy. I’ve dropped the recipe below.

In it I use Old School grits, the hunter or smoked cheddar from Plymouth Farms or the white cheddar from Ashe County Cheese. Then I add spinach and sausage. It’s easy to make ahead as well.

I have to brag on Old School a little. We love them. They’re family run, conscious of the food they produce, and they want everyone to enjoy good southern food even if it needs to be easy and quick.

We had a chance to meet them at the Atlanta market and we talked about their different products. We discovered their grits and cornmeal are from corn grown on their own farm and ground on site. We love how they keep it simple and in house.

In addition, they aren’t far down the road from us in Albemarle.

We also have Old School’s ready made mixes, like their biscuits and pancakes, which by the way are my kids favorite pancakes, preferred over mine made from scratch. We also have their real maple syrup to pair with the pancakes.

For those not big on breakfast, we also carry their Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip Cookie mixes which are so good. We also have different varieties of their cornmeal.

Have you tried their hot chocolate or peppermint sticks yet? They aren’t meant for just Christmas. Finally, we can’t forget one of y’alls favorite in the store, their cheese straws! Perfect for parties or snacking.

And if you’re a coffee or tea lover in the morning, we have great selections of those as well. And don’t forget the many jams and honeys to top off those biscuits!