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Week of April 1, 2024

Low In Stock

Just a heads up, these products are running low!

*QC Crunch – Cinnamon Sugar & OG – 1 left each

*Magnesium Sprays – Both Energy and  Sleep – 2 left – will be restocked on Friday.

*Shampoo Bar – Harmony N Acres – 2 left – will be restocked on Friday

*Buxton Hall Chicken Rub – Spicewalla – 1 left – this is discontinued so we won’t be able to get it back in.

*Blueberry Lemon Jam & Strawberry Kiwi Jam – Homespun Betty – 2 left

*Cinnamon Whipped Honey – Cloister Honey – 1 left

*Gunslinger Ground – Black Powder Coffee – 1 left – will be restocked Friday.

*Chicken Pot Pie – Ladyfingers – 1 Large left


This week we have these in stock: Ham Rolls, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken & Rice Casserole, Chicken & Rice Soup, Beef Lasagna, Tomato Pesto Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Mac N Cheese, Chicken Parmesan.

Samples of White Tree Farm Goat Cheese (all the flavors!) in the shop April 6.

New In The Shop

Cowgirl Cookie Peanut Butter

A limited batch, so get it while you can! Pecans and peanuts blended with toasted coconut, dark chocolate chips, granola, vanilla and cinnamon. Like a cookie in a jar.

Almond Butter

Not new to us, but back in stock after a break. Heirloom mission almonds mixed with sea salt and wildflower honey.

Rum Soaked Scented Room Spray

From Love Square One, a room spray to freshen a room quickly.

Best Mom Ever Candle

A sweet way to gift a mom for mother's day. One of Love Square One's most popular scents, Citrus Peppercorn in a beautiful etched jar. Made with vegan coconut soy wax.

Brooklyn Biltong's Lemon & Pepper

Onion, pepper, lemon juice, and rosemary pack in the flavors to this jerky that has no preservatives and no sugars.

Brooklyn Bilton's Naked Flavor

With only 3 ingredients - Grass Fed Beef, Apple Cider Vinegar, and sea salt - this South African style beef jerky made here in NC is a protein packed snack.

Buttermilk Biscuit Mix

Fluffy homemade southern biscuits in a mix, making mornings easy. From Old School out of Albemarle.

Stoneground Cornmeal Mix

Using corn grown on Old School's family farm, this mix is gluten free and non-gmo. Making it easy to prepare traditional cornbread.

Stone Ground Sweet Cornbread Mix

Because some prefer their cornbread on the sweet side.

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